REAL ACTIVE and FILED Disqualification Motion filed against the Corrupt Judge Gayle Nathan in Family Court

Posted: November 1, 2013 in Recusal and Disqualification Motions
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Attached is the Motion to Disqualify Honorable Judge Gayle Nathan that has been filed by the Plaintiff in this case.  As you review this motion and watch the video’s please feel free to post your comments and suggestions. The Motion speaks for itself as well as the video’s.  If you feel this judge was biased and prejudiced against the Plaintiff, didn’t follow the law, and didn’t protect the children in this case please go to the PETITION FOR REMOVAL OF JUDGE GAYLE NATHAN and sign it.  Please share as well. We will be posting the actual court hearing video’s that are listed in this motion for you to see with your own eyes the behavior and actions of this judge.

The videos to match up to the motion are on PETITION FOR REMOVAL OF JUDGE GAYLE NATHAN.  Please go there to watch them as you read the motion to get the clear picture.  You can also read the motion and watch the videos afterwards.


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