About Corrupt Nevada Judges in Family Court

This blog will be where every voter who resides in Nevada can vent, discuss current government affairs, and corruption within the Judicial System.

We are posting pressing matters, motions before the Chief Judge of Family District Court, pending cases where notorious judges of bad behavior are on them so families can for once take back control of their lives.

We will also be posting about corrupt attorney’s who engage in the behavior of financial abuse, theft, lying, manipulation, and treachery to allow the abusers to continue the abuse.

We have linked up with Causes.com and allowing those who need petitions signed and support to post their links here as well as their stories. It’s time we take a stand and show these judges their behavior will not be tolerated any further.

We elect them to this seat and it’s time they realize we can replace them for the actions they commit in the seat they were elected to.


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